Mary Kay® and KEÒSME®

  “You have a whole life ahead”. In childhood, we only hear this phrase, and with age we begin to put off everything until Monday. We are happy that we don't know when life will go out. Women we want to help have a different stories. They know that everything could end. And there are no more Mondays, no plans for 3 years in advance. There is only today and a hope for tomorrow. Faith becomes very fragile, it needs support and action, in a strong spirit and care.

  During the fashion week UFW-2020 and on the eve of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, brands Mary Kay® and KEÒSME® presented exclusive lingerie collection devoted to be not only stylish accessory but also reminder about the importance of healthcare and regular diagnostics.

  Each item created with haute couture touch in pink shades. 10% of each purchase was channeled to the “Women Health and Family Planning” Foundation in support of the program for the women's rehabilitation who have faced a breast cancer problem.